Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Love More in 2004

New Year’s Eve Reminders

Where is your focus as you end this year?
What was your intention as you began 2003?
Have you honored yourself and your calling this year?
Do you intend to love yourself more in 2004?

The cultural norm is to maintain the status quo.
Whatever you have done, keep it going.
It is easier to maintain than to change.
It is simpler to continue than to create a new plan.

Is your life calling for a new plan or a renewal of last year’s model?

What does your life tell you?
It is a reflection of what you have chosen consciously or unconsciously?
What you value is what you have.
Where you place your energy is what is projected.

Health problems may mean to slow down and relax more.
Family issues may tell you to extend more energy to those in your circle.
Financial woes may mean to simplify and let go of extraneous expenses.
Feelings of discouragement and depression may call for more wonder and appreciation.

This year for New Year’s and everyday for sanity:
I choose to Love myself with the best of care.
I choose to Love those I know with the best in me.
I choose to Love life by giving and living my values.
I choose to fully enjoy and express gratitude everyday.

I choose to extend Love more in 2004.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

“Life is very Good."

As I end this year 2004, I want to thank you for being my spiritual partners in remembering to Love.
There is no path more healthy, happy and fulfilling.
Each one of us has our own unique journey to Love more.
I trust you to find and follow your Way.
Learn as you go and grow as you learn.
Appreciate and enjoy the gift of Life.
Love your whole self as your gift to the Giver of Life.
You are a gift to me and to our world.

I love You.
Betty Lue