Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Saving OneSelf

Are you here to save the world?
Are you here to save yourself?
Are you here to serve others or to serve Your Self?

Only when you are whole and happy and free can you fully serve others?
First things first. Our gifts have the greatest impact and generate the least guilt in the receiver when we have first taken impeccable care of ourselves. We are strongest when we are neither leaning forward nor bending backwards. When we stand in integrity, without over extending nor withholding, we are more assured of a positive result for all concerned. Consider giving to yourself first. Make sure your needs are met. Make sure you are conscious and clear when you contribute to the awakening and well-being of others.

“Giving to get” yields a mixed and confusing message. Waiting for the another’s grateful response or expecting something in return creates an imbalance for giver and receiver. The message we are giving and receiving is that we are needy and denying ourselves in giving what we need. Sacrifice and martyrdom set up guilt and fear in the receiver and disappointment and covert resentment in the giver.

Consider, all that is given is received in the giving.
Consider, everything we give to another is given to ourselves.
Consider, any help given is affirming the abundance we have.
Consider, giving is merely opening the flow of what is real and abundant within.
Consider, how we perceive another is how they learn to perceive themselves.
Consider, what we give to our brother is what we want given to us.
Consider, a drowning man cannot save another drowning man.
Yes, there are times when we are called to lay down our life for another. When done with joy, it is truly an act of Love.

Give from the fullness of Love and the gift will be unconditional Love,
Betty Lue