Friday, November 07, 2003

Ready to Ascend in Consciousness?

What do you need to forgive?
What do you need to heal?
Where do you want to make amends?
Who do you need to appreciate?
Where do you need to respect yourself?
Why is it you are not wholly loving you?
How can you come to peace?

To be ready for the freedom that comes from ascension in our minds is to
find honorable closure with what has been in the past. We are each
responsible for the quality of our lives. When we are willing to take
responsibility for what we experience, we begin to ask how we can forgive
ourselves and choose again to create a better way. As we seek to let go and
love again more consciously without guilt and blame, we experience the joy
of freedom and co-creation.

I seek to be inspired.
I seek to support myself in being inspired by inspiring myself and others.
I choose a life that is filled with Spirit and remembering what is whole
and Holy.
I seek to realize and know God in You and me and All That Is.
I seek to enjoy the gifts of Spirit in each day with a gratitude and
I seek to embrace myself in more kind and gentle ways, being patient with my
process, forgiving my mistakes, healing self-made wounds and freeing my
mistaken limitations.

I am whole Now. I am happy Now. I am free Now.
Choose again and experience the freedom of choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue