Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The End of Blaming the Guru

The time of setting up someone or something to save us is over.
The time of making someone better than you is done.
The time of giving credit to others for your healthy choices is finished.
You are to shine like the Sun and the Son.
Give yourself credit where credit is due. And take full responsibility when that belongs to You.

When we give someone or something responsibility for our happiness, our health, our salvation, we also can blame them and excuse ourselves when we are not receiving what we have asked for. This dual edge sword places consciousness, responsibility and authority outside our own lives and designates another to provide for what we need.
Yes, we all have pieces of the hologram. Yes, we all are teachers for one another.
Yes, we all can offer suggestions and creative solutions.
Yes, we all are walking together on the path to greater awareness of our Oneness and Love.
Yes, we are healers and supporters, cheerleaders and friends.
Yes, we can all choose to say YES or say No.
But when it comes right down to it, only You can choose what is right for You.
Only You know where you are in your life journey.
Only You are responsible for your consciousness. To be conscious is to be wholly responsible.
Only You can make the choice to love or to fear.
Only you can be cloudy or clear.
Only You can choose to give and receive Love.
Only You will give yourself the best and forget the rest.

As I have watched the myth of the guru, the worship of outside authority ( doctor, teacher, preacher, sports star, money, the rich and the famous), I have seen how we give credit and place blame. I have seen how we place on a pedestal and then pull out the rug. I have seen how easy it is to admire and then crucify. I have seen how to stay unconscious by gossiping, complaining and finding fault about the principal or director, the board, the spouse, the government, the weather, the law, the x-ray or test rather than take responsibility for our choices. Rather than give authority to another person or thing, take full responsibility for your choices. No one and nothing can choose your state of mind, your state of consciousness, or your state of Love.

Now is the time to be conscious and responsible. Now is the time to give full credit to yourself for choosing who and how your trust, who you let make decisions for you and how you choose to live. Taking responsibility can be frightening to our ego when we are unhappy with the life we have. Taking responsibility for our lives can be exhilarating with freedom as we forgive our past unconsciousness.

Loving you mightily,
Betty Lue