Sunday, October 12, 2003

Is Anyone Home?

Are you there for me? Are you there for you?
If you are not pleased with the home you have created for yourself in this life, how can you want to be at home? If you are not pleased for the life you have created for yourself, how can you remember to appreciate yourself and your life? If you are not pleased with your relationship with others, how can you be pleased with others’ relationship with you? How many ways we distract, deny and fool ourselves into missing what is real and loving, true and lasting in our lives. I have wondered what it takes to have humanity wakeup and choose for what is real. I have asked and invited, counseled and coached, listened and forgiven the forgetfulness of our human ways, and still I ask, “Is anyone home?”

What of our elders, what of those who have given their lives for our freedom? What of those who have sacrificed and demonstrated the Good Life? What of those who have given All that we might have abundant life? What would you do if the Christ, the Buddha, the Holy Man or your Grandmothers and Grandfathers came into town? Would you invite them to your home? Would you give them food and drink? Would you share with them the best you have? Would you create a feast and invite in all your neighbors and friends? Would you honor them with your love, your respect, your gratitude? Would you listen carefully to their stories and their wisdom? Would you feel honored by their presence? What would you do with the wisdom of the ages in your hands and in your home?

How you treat those who are wise, giving and loving, the miracle workers in your life, is how you are treating the wisdom, generosity and love within you.

Are you willing to invite into your home and your life the best you know, the wisdom you have and the love you are?

Blessing the Wisdom and Love within you and me,
Endlessly…Betty Lue