Thursday, October 16, 2003

Have We Turned Anyone Away?

Is there anyone unworthy of our Love?
When we turn our backs on those seeking help, wisdom, comfort, a warm bed or meal, have we denied a Holy One? Have we denied ourselves?
When we cease to listen to the cries of an infant, have we denied our own inner child? When we turn away from one who is ill or dying because we are afraid , have we reinforced the fear we will be left, if we are not able bodied? When we believe someone is too much trouble or is irritating to us, do we find a way to avoid them? Are we not discriminating against those who are difficult to understand and accept? When we delay answering a phone call or pretend we are not home, have we sent away the very one who needs us most?

Yes, there are times when we are overwhelmed, over extended, sick and tired ourselves. At those times it is valuable to teach others by sharing our choices to take care of ourselves first. We must be our best to freely give our very best. This is our commitment to others, in order to teach others to give their best.

Everyone we give to is giving to ourselves. Everyone we abandon is abandoning ourselves. Everyone we judge is a judgment against ourselves. Everyone forgiven is forgiveness for ourselves.

Are we willing to turn no one away?
Are we willing to be responsible to every relationship? Are we willing to respect everyones’ request (even if we cannot fulfill their desires) by acknowledging their call? We can refer them on to others or respond at a better time for us. We can give them our best in each moment.
Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
and you will fear no lack. Give your best to each one who comes your way and you will know you are loved. Give your kindness to All and you will know the depth of kindness within you.

Loving you with All I Am,
Betty Lue