Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Choose Again

75% of 2003 is now gone.  
How are you doing on living this year as you imagined?  
How are you doing on accomplishing any goals you had for yourself?  
How are you doing on spending time, money and energy only on what really matters to you?  
How are you doing on experiencing happiness, health and freedom?  

Every year is an opportunity to set forth in the direction you value.  
Every day is a chance to give your life meaning and purpose.  
Every moment is a time to forgive and erase the past.
Choose again for the way you prefer to relate and experience life the High Way, the Loving Way, the sacred way.  

You are at the helm of your own life.  Are you letting Love be the navigator?  Or is fear setting the course?  
Each of us can easily follow in the way of the masses, the media and our history, or….
Each one of us has the opportunity to create a new future, by making each moment precious and new and directed only by our Highest Vision for ourselves and others.  We can choose to make today good, and whole and beautiful by consciously choosing for the path of love, respect, listening, forgiving and gratitude.

Forgive your mistakes and others.  Let them not lead your direction.  
Release your defensiveness and withholding Love.  Let yourself love no matter what.  
Undo the ways you have been following the crowd.  Choose to lead by listening within to Spirit.  
Dare to step out in faith, in hope and in Love.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue