Friday, August 15, 2003

We Are Created to Create

Remember: While we are in Hawaii over the next two weeks, you can always reach me via pager #800-919-2392 and at my email address. check my for daily email reminders for you. I am always loving you, Betty Lue

August 15, 2003 Loving Reminders

On my birthday eve, I am reminded of the precious gift of life. All those people and events I have experienced have taught me, enriched me, nourished, me, enlightened me and fulfilled me. There is no greater source of learning than this physical life, where our relationships with everyone and everything teach us the unlimited power of creation.

We are creative beings created by an unlimited Creator. We are created to create. With Love in us, we choose to create unlimited Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty. This is our Calling and the Gift of our lives.

Wherever we have created what we judge to be mistakes, it is our responsibility to forgive, erase and let go.
This frees us to create anew. We are to forgive our guilt, our fear and our regret.
Wherever we judge our creations and fear our creativity, we limit ourselves and get stuck with our mistaken creations.

Forgive the past and create freely that which is Good for all, Healthy and Holy, Beautiful and Joyful .
Create fully. Create freely. Enjoy this awesome life as you create with every thought, work and activity.

We are on our way to Hawaii with a small group of retreat participants, and return on August 31 after spending another week in silence writing and renewing my Spirit.

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I will be back in Pleasant Hill starting classes on Success and Essential Living on September 3.

Robert and I will be doing workshops in San Diego Sept. 13 and 14 and teaching T’ai Chi Chih at the AGNT Conference in Palm Springs Sept. 18-21. Be sure to join us if you can!!

Always Loving you, Betty Lue