Friday, August 01, 2003

Love is my Employer. Spirit is my Boss.

Those I serve are the customers, the ones who pay my “salary”. I must honor the mission of my employer and the direction of my boss. I am given provision by those I serve. Solely that I might serve more. The commission is the joy I receive from giving my very Best to everyone in all circumstances. I am “on call” for Love 24 hours a day and 7 days/week My outreach includes these Loving Reminders, email correspondence, counseling and coaching appointments, groups, classes and workshops, travels to others states. My work includes my home and family, my impeccable self care, my inspirational time, my swimming and walking and thanking God, my food preparation, my travel time. I am serving Love, my Employer every moment. I am honoring my Boss, whenever I am serving Love. All forms of provision, whether tithes or gifts, praise or payment, contribution or caring, are my salary to care for my family’s needs. This is my business here in the world.

Who is your Employer? Who is your Boss?
Who do you listen to for direction each day?
Whom do you serve and How do you serve?
When you are giving your very Best, how do you feel?

Whether employed in the worldly way, a self-employed contractor with customers, or a life as a “volunteer” or minister of Good, you have a spiritual calling. There is a spiritual employer and boss who are providing for you and applauding your Good works. Let yourself look at you “jo” differently. Seek ways to bring more spirit into housecleaning and washing the car. Seek satisfaction in giving your best toe everyone you meet or think of. Seek paths of love and harmony with even those who are difficult or different than you. You have a purpose wherever you work. Listen to your inner Boss and trust.

Trust in our sacred contract with Love,
Betty Lue