Monday, August 25, 2003

Healing Your Attitude

Healing how you perceive and respond to your world is our most powerful healing tool.

What you believe you will see.
Believe in the intrinsic Good and underlying Love in all beings and you will see the Goodness and Love in others.

What you seek for you will find.
Seek for problems and you will find them.
Seek for solutions and you will find them.

We are choosers.
We can choose love, forgiveness and healing or we can choose fear, judgment and wounding.
What we see in others, we strengthen in ourselves. When we judge others as lacking and limited, we strengthen our own lack and limitation. When we appreciate others abundance and freedom, we strengthen our own prosperity and freedom.

We create our experience with our thoughts.
When we think with optimism, we experience happiness. When we think with pessimism, we experience life negatively.

Love is our Essence.
Love created us as Love for the purpose of Loving. When we forget our true nature, we feel guilty, lost and afraid. When we remember our Essence, we feel happy, connected and at Peace.

Joy is our natural state.
Whenever we are not happy, we have forgotten our Source and our Selves. We have stepped off our path and become lost in the mistakes of the world.

There is either Love or the call for Love.
When someone acts with lack of love or unkindness, they are calling for loving reminders. They are experiencing lack of love within themselves.

Criticism comes from self judgment in the critic.
If you are being blamed or criticized, first recognize the critic is talking about themselves. If what they are saying is beneficial to you, receive it as a blessing. If it is not about you, simply thank them for sharing, as you release the negativity with forgiveness and love.

Responses heal and reactions perpetuate.
When we are afraid, we judge and react. When we choose to extend love, we forgive and respond.

Love heals. Judgment condemns.
To extend love always undoes the lack of peace in everyone. To judge condemns both giver and receiver to fear and begets more attack and judgment.

Miracles come from Love.
Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.
When we are not experiencing miracles, we have forgotten we are Love and our purpose is Loving.

Heal your mind by changing your attitude.
When you heal your mind, you heal your life.
Begin within.

Loving you,
Betty Lue