Thursday, June 06, 2024

Relationship Success With Everyone!




My thoughts words and actions create lasting loving relationships.

I give always and only what I want to receive.

The more I trust, respect and appreciate myself, the more I trust, respect and appreciate others.

I am responsible for everything I experience.

Relationship Success With Everyone! 

(Effective for children, partners, roommates, friends and everyone!)

How to Have the Relationships You Want!

“It is all an inside job.”

  • Listen to one another.
  • Respond with kindness to each other.
  • Spend time together when it is positive time.
  • Support each other’s life choices, even mistakes.
  • Give what is given from a place of gratitude.
  • Use the relationship to heal yourself with patience and trust.
  • Relinquish all attack, blame, resentment and guilt.
  • Contribute your fair share to everyday living.
  • Care about what will be truly helpful to one another.
  • Focus on healthy interaction at home and in public.
  • Learn from and with one another about how life works well.
  • Be willing to learn to Love with acceptance of what is wanted.

Be respectful.

Treat one another with respect and kindness.

Be responsible.

Respond with love to all upsets and requests.

Be cooperative.

Give what is asked unless it is harmful to either of you.

It seems that arguing is commonplace and normal.

It seems like people often behave like what is on TV and in movies.

It seems that “normal” is often disrespectful, immature and rude.

It seems people think it is acceptable to threaten, swear, name-call and shame one another.

When we treat those we love worse than anyone else, we can expect our home life to be a mess.

It is essential we begin to demonstrate our best behavior with those we love.

It is important to be at our best in our own home with no “taking for granted.”

When we want the best, we must give the best.

When we commit to love, heal and grow together, we must be willing to love, help and learn.

Long term relationships tend to be the most challenging, because of what we see in our childhood.

Where we learned to be unhappy, upset and scared, we tend to repeat and recreate that experience.

When we learned to be happy, peaceful and loving, we tend to attract and recreate that as well.

We tend to unconsciously re-create or attract what is familiar in our own relationships and home.

Like animals, humans are imprinted in our behaviors, choices and experiences.

We often believe we are not responsible until we learn to take responsibility for change.

We can change our minds, attitudes, words, behaviors and reactivity.

In our relationships, it is essential that we learn to manage emotions and interrupt negative patterns.

No matter what, I will never quit on love.

Love is the answer.

Where I am not loving with my thoughts, words and behavior, I must forgive myself.

Choose again for the best within you and you will change your life.

Let us all learn to be the best person we know how to be.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue