Sunday, June 16, 2024

Not Quite Right?




I see what is and learn.

I am open and willing to choose again.

I see things rightly and seek the good.

I quickly and easily erase everything that is not wholly loving.

Not Quite Right?

Say “YES"to what is good for you.

Say “NO" to what is not good for you.

When something stinks, throw it away.

When something is sad, let yourself cry.

When something is unkind, seek kindness.

When something is unreal, don’t believe it is.

Are you pretending?

Do you try to convince yourself, everything is OK?

Do you cover up the mess or hide it in the closet?

Do you sweep your feelings under the rug and smile?

It is time to get real.

It is time to really feel.

It is time to wake up and look.

It is time to see what really is going on.

Too often people turn away.

Many people neglect themselves.

You may deny there is a problem.

You may expect someone else to do something.

When you need some help, ask for it from the best person.

When you need some clarity, seek someone who sees the whole picture.

When you need a healer, search for one who has healed themselves.

When you need to hear yourself, get quiet and listen within and write.

There is mystery in your history.

You may not ever understand who or what or why.

You may have life experiences which are extraordinary.

You may feel asleep on the job and be rudely awakened.

Whatever comes your way, it is to teach and inspire our heart’s desire.

Whatever happens, whether ecstatic or grievous, it can be seen as opportunity to respond.

Whomever you encounter, there is always some loving reminder.

Life reaches into us and teaches us to see Who We Are.

Be open and willing to care.

Be open and willing to share.

Be open and willing to dare.

Be You and Love You and Learn from You.

Receive all Good and only Good.

Release what is not true and not You.

Remember what gives and lives forever.

Realign with what is always there for you.

Only Love prevails.

There for you and with you in Love, 

Betty Lue