Saturday, June 22, 2024

Love Is Freeing!





Love is Freedom.

I free you to be you.

Love is Trust.

I trust you to freely be who you are.

Love Is Freeing!

"And I thank you.

Yes I thank you.

For the love you give to me.

And I thank you .

Yes I thank you. 

For the Love that sets us free."

Charley Thweatt song.

When love is “special", we get attached.

When love is freeing, everyone grows.

Love is trusting, not suspicious or restrictive.

Love is open, not closed and limiting.

With human attachment, we often decide only to love when our needs are met.

With human neediness, we choose to love those who take care of us.

With human dependence, we stop loving when we feel hurt or afraid.

When human commitment, we quit on love when others stop loving us.

True Love is our natural state.

When we love, we feel alive and free.

When we are flowing the love within us, we are whole and happy.

When we block or stop or withhold love, we feel unhappy and sick.

Love without attachment is freely shared with all.

Love with trust in ourselves is given naturally and openly.

Love is not sexual or promising to live together forever.

Love is allowing positive energy to flow between us.

I am loving you right now.

My love for you does not end, even if you are not my friend.

My love for you comes from deep inside where only goodness resides.

I love you because Love has no beginning and no end.

Love does not need reasons to love.

Love is the life force, the “God Force”,that lives within me.

Love is the joy of my being and the desire of my heart.

Love is my reason for being and my gift to be given.

I love you because you are here with me.

I love me because I am here with you.

Together our love can make our dreams come true.

Let us free one another to always and only choose love.

Loving you and me to always be as free and happy as we are created to be!

Betty Lue