Friday, June 14, 2024

Finish What You Start




I am done when I am truly done.

I finish what I start with blessings of gratitude.

Completion sets me free to create again with enthusiasm.

I honor what I start by letting go, when it is done for me.

Finish What You Start

Completion requires attention to details.

Completion demands persistence.

Completion invites forgiveness.

Completion must be appreciated.

What are the details left to be done or undone?

When we have errors of omission or commission, we are incomplete.

When we have consciously or unconsciously withheld our love, we will be unfinished.

When we do not do and say and give as we are guided from within, we will never feel quite right.

What have you quit, avoided or relinquished?

We can quit on projects and jobs, marriages and relationships.

We can avoid family and friends, neighbors and coworkers. 

We can give up on our dreams and plans, our ambitions and creations.

Where and what and whom have you continued to judge or criticize?

We cannot be a peace when we continue to judge ourselves and others.

We cannot let go of regrets and resentment without forgiveness.

We cannot move on when we have emotional indigestion from unhealed stuff.

What will it take to appreciate it all and feel happy with the completion?

Past ghosts haunt us and keep reminding up they are still present.

The unfinished stuff drains us of energy and consumes our creative intention.

It is far better to let go with grace and gratitude than ruminate on what could have been.

We do not need to understand to let go and return to love.

We do not need to be “right” to stop fighting and making others wrong, unfair or unjust.

We do not need to know what happened to complete our mission of love.

We do need to feel right and true to ourselves in all we say and do.

We do not need to say everything directly to the other and expect them to “get” us.

We do not need to fix or save or make things right for everyone.

We do need to apologize for the incompletion, judgments, financial and emotional drain.

We do need to move on with blessings and release everyone to their highest good.

Whatever poison we send out only makes us sick in mind and body. 

Toxic thoughts poison the thinker and must be released.

Gratitude will always be in true completion.

With gratitude comes grace.

Consider completing by observing how much you have learned.

Consider completing by taking the next step to move forward.

Consider completing by making amends and learning from all mistakes.

Consider completing by tidying up your mental and physical space freeing yourself from the past.

When you finish with appreciation, you feel validated and finished. 

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue