Saturday, June 01, 2024

Ask and Receive




I always ask for the highest good of all.

I respect myself for taking care of my need to know.

My intention is to do what is the best for everyone.

I do not know what is in my own best interests.

Ask and Receive!

When you have a need, do you ask?

When you need help, do you ask?

When you are doubtful, do you ask?

When you have a question, do you ask?

Some want to be independent and do it themselves.

Some are afraid of being criticized or shamed.

Some don’t want to feel weak or incapable.

Some don’t know what or how to ask.

Some don’t know who to ask for what the need.

Some don’t trust anyone has what they want.

Some feel they don’t deserve any help.

Some just don’t want anyone to know.

“Ask and you will receive.” is the Truth.

When we don’t ask clearly and specifically, others will not know.

When we do ask, we often immediately receive the answer or help needed.

It seems asking opens us up to receive what we are requesting.


Staying in silence creates an emptiness and feelings of anxiety.

Opening to ask for what we want gives us a goal and gives others an opening to give.

When we seek and search and stay open to receive, we are motivated to find.

When we find what we seek or are given what we ask for, it encourages more willingness to ask.

When you ask to be helpful, someone will come with a need to be filled.

When you ask for answers, there will be many who want to respond.

Whether you ask to be left alone or hugged, there will be someone who is ready to respond.

We must learn to ask ourselves and others for what we really want.

Yes, people may not understand our request.

We may need to express ourselves simply and clearly.

We may need to wait for a response.

We may need to look for another answer or responder.

The key is to be honest, accurate and sincere in our asking.

When we support ourselves with asking for what we really want, it is likely we will know who to ask.

When we are really requesting the underlying need or question, it is more likely we will receive it.

We cannot expect others to guess or read our minds for our needs.

When we hear “No” or “ I can’t”, we need to accept the response and ask someone else.

When we do not receive what we are asking, we must learn to say ”Thank You” and accept it is their best.

Dismissing, criticizing or shaming another’s response will make it less likely to receive what we want.

It is important to trust both one requesting and the responder are doing their best at the time.

Be patient with your requests.

Be appreciative of all responses.

Be willing to ask again more clearly.

Be happy with yourself for asking for what you need and want.

Loving us all for learning to ask and respond with kindness and gratitude.

Betty Lue

Choose to be happy.

Choose to be safe.

Choose to be strong.

Choose to live with ease.

Choose to love yourself well.