Thursday, June 27, 2024

Are You Worth It?





I forgive myself for forgetting to love me.

I forgive myself for limiting myself.

I free myself to love and cherish myself and my life.

I am worth loving, learning and living fully and freely.

What Are You Worth?

You are worth everything.

Your life is a precious gift to you.

It is the place you heal and learn.

You have the gift of unlimited possibility.

You are worth loving.

Your love for yourself is your healer.

Your love for yourself is your teacher.

Your love for yourself is your optimizer.

You are worth listening to.

When you listen to your inner counsel, you heal.

When you listen to your inner teacher, you learn.

When you listen to your inner Source, you understand.

You are worth saving.

When you listen, learn and love yourself, you can save yourself.

When you follow your inner voice who loves you, you are guided.

When you trust your inner Source, you benefit and prosper.

You may not know the One You Are.

You may not connect with the One You are created to be.

You may not feel the Love within you.

You may not trust what is yours to be and do and have and give.

When we have forgotten or forsaken our true Self, we may feel alone.

When we remember and reconnect with our Authentic Self, we trust we are guided.

When we experience the Gifts we have been given, we are filled with Joy and Gratitude.

When we utilize what is given to us to give and live, we feel blessed.

Life is the gift of time and space to live in grace.

Life is the opportunity to heal and reveal all that is Good and Whole within us.

Life is the miracle of Love we are given to share and awaken others to know.

Life is the Blessing we have hidden from our sight and been waiting to receive.

When we are in the dark, we do not see the Light.

When we feel alone, we do not feel the connections.

When we have lost our way, we do not feel safe and guided.

When we withhold our love from self and others, we don’t feel our own worth.

Light and Love are provided, when we awaken and ask for the way.

What we have been given is revealed to us, when we open our heart and mind.

We feel connected with what is real, when we heal our own lack of self love.

Now is the time to forgive the past and love yourself again.

No matter what, never never quit on loving You.

No matter what seems to be, set your self free to fully appreciate yourself.

No matter how lost you are, remember to follow the inner voice that guides your way.

Come home to the gift of you and the life you have been given.

This is your time to remember, You are worth loving.

This is your reminder: You are worth living for.

This is your gift: You are here to give yourself to Love.

This is your wakeup call: Listen, learn and Love YOU!

No matter what, I Love You and Me always,

Betty Lue