Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Are You Happy With Your Life?




I prefer being happy.

Happiness is my natural state.

I love myself and so choose to be happy.

I easily let go of unhappiness and negative experiences.

Are You Happy With Your Life?

What do you notice that is not a positive for you?

Are you willing to create more positive experiences?

Are you open to eliminate the negative experiences?

Make a list or chart the highs and lows in your daily life.

Notice what supports you feeling happy.

See if happiness is related to your physical, mental, emotional or relational state.

Observe if there is an unhappy attitude you wear everyday.

Begin to tell yourself it is fun, safe and easy to be happy.

Sometimes people are actually habituated to being unhappy.

Some folks actually attract misery and suffering because it is familiar.

Some individuals find comfort and even use unhappiness as an excuse.

Consider what the gifts might be for being unhappy.

When life is peaceful and safe, are you happy or bored?

When life is chaotic and dangerous, do you enjoy the spontaneity and changes?

Creating positive experiences may feel unfamiliar or even uncomfortable for you.

To change your state of mind may require gradual introduction of positive experiences.

When interactions are healthy, encouraging, consistent and helpful, you may feel happy.

Dysfunctional, disappointing, inconsistent and hurtful relationships may be what you expect.

When we allow ourselves to settle for what we are used to, we get comfortable with unhappiness. 

It takes work, forgiveness and release, affirmation and envisioning, to create true happiness.

When happiness is your usual state, you may be blind-sided by unhappiness.

When you are comfortable with being happy, you may be more impacted with negative experiences.

Some people do not allow full experience of happiness, because they fear the pain of unhappiness.

Often we manage our thoughts and emotions to have the experiences we want to have.

Consider what feels safe and good for you.

Plan your time to have the experiences you enjoy.

Eliminate thoughts and feelings that seem to interfere with your happiness.

Choose what you want and focus your energy on those experiences.

You will begin to recognize that you can manage your emotions.

You will realize that we each create the emotional state we value.

You will remember when you turn positive or negative with your thoughts.

You will be responsible for choosing good or bad, happy or unhappy thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Your emotional state will become the monitor for your focus, direction, values and choices.

Once we realize we are in charge of our happiness, we are free to have the experiences we prefer.

Be aware and acknowledge what is best for you.

Let go of the unwanted and create what you do want.

Life is your personal experimental laboratory. 

Enjoy what you learn.

I choose  a fun, safe and easy life!

Betty Lue

Choose to be happy.

Choose to be safe.

Choose to be strong.

Choose to live with ease.

Choose to love yourself well.