Monday, May 27, 2024

You Deserve Love!

Memorial Day Reminder: 

Honor Those Who Have Kept You Safe and Secure.





I honor the uniqueness in each one of us.

I value you for being who you are.

I treat others equally knowing everyone is worthy of Love.

I love, respect and appreciate myself and others.

You Deserve Love!

People often forget their own specialness.

Not everyone notices their own value.

People seek other’s approval and appreciation.

Everyone needs to acknowledge their own worth!

When we can see what is good about ourselves, we are able to see the Good in others.

When we can appreciate the gifts in our own life, we will be aware of the gifts around us.

When we realize the value in us, we understand the value in everyone as they are.

When we can live and give our own specialness to others, we awaken the specialness in others.

We are gifts to one another.

When the package is covered in wrapping paper, no one sees the gift.

When the treasure in each package is the form, we think the body and personality are the treasure.

When the gift is what we give and what we do for one another, we may miss the Essence is Love.

Perhaps if we are looking for money and get a teddy bear, we feel not valued.

If we are looking for a teddy bear and get money, we don’t feel loved.

If we value a home-cooked meal and get a store bought cake, we may not feel happy.

If we value someone who listens to us, and get a noisy party, we may not feel valuable.

When we look for feeling special, we find people give in the ways they feel special.

People usually give to others what they want for themselves.

People cannot give more than they actually know within themselves.

We can show and tell others what we want, what we prefer, what feels good, and they may listen!

Being loved is special for many.

Being safe is special for others.

Being helped is special for some.

Bing treated with kindness and care is special for others.

It is time we learn to treat ourselves really well.

It is important we make ourselves happy.

It is essential we feel worthy of what is our natural good.

We are loved just for being Who We are.

When we look to others to get what we want, we may be disappointed.

When we give to others what we want, we are always fulfilled and at peace.

Life is for giving and we are the gifts to one another.

When we feel content with ourselves and our lives, we share with others our peace and happiness.

Thank you for being special in my life.

We are partners joined in love and giving with joy.

You are a gift to me.

And I thank YOU!

Betty Lue