Saturday, May 18, 2024

Successful Relationships





I trust in the healing and inspiring power of Love.

I am inspired to forgive all and always be loving.

I trust and free myself and others to give our best.

I am open and willing to learn to love everyone.

Successful Relationships

Happy Birthday today to my Partner, Teacher, Friend and Husband Robert!

How do you inspire your relationships?

What do you believe about Love?

How do you create more happiness daily?

What is the Source of your Love and Joy?

To bring Spirit (inspiration) into your relationships, you need to remind yourself.

To become a  Creator and Giver of Love and Joy, you must have Spirit (inspiration) within you.

To be aware of your own inspiration, you need to clear away what is judgmental and limiting.

To live as the Source of Inspiration in your relationship, you need to know Inspiration within.

Live everyday as if your life matters!

Because It does matter!!.

Honor yourself with every thought and word and deed.

Your thoughts and words and activities create.


Respect others with thinking the best about them.

Respect for others allows you to respect yourself.

Inspire with the words you say to everyone, and you will be inspired.

Listen to what others say and erase (forgive) those words which are not loving.  


Contribute to the quality of every relationship with all good and only good.

Cease putting negative thoughts or words into your relationships.

Give to others as you want to be given to.

Love and appreciate others as you want to be loved and appreciated.

When you want connection and joining, connect and join with the other.

When you want honesty and openness, be honest and open.

When you want equality in your relationships, always give your best.

When you want commitment in your relationships, commit to what is highest and best for both of you.

With respect, responsibility and cooperation, relationships, partnerships and families work well.

Be willing to see beneath the seeming differences to what the other really wants and needs.

Be able and willing to respond to all calls for love and lack of love with kindness and respect.

Be open to giving your fair share to others and more, as you listen for their requests.

“Inspiration" is breathing in Spirit, living in Spirit and speaking with Spirit.

To bring Spirit into your relationships is to 100% focused on giving only what uplifts others.

To spiritualize your Self and your life, listen to and follow your inner spiritual guidance.

To be willing to heal with Spirit is to Trust the gift and blessing in all things.

Living in Love everyday,

Betty Lue


It applies to all relationships/partnerships: parent/child, employer/employee, friendships, couples, etc.