Saturday, May 11, 2024

Love Is Safety





I forgive, delete, erase and undo all blocks to love.

I give and receive love freely with no resistance.

I trust in Love and free the Love in me.

I see only Love and the call for Love.

Love Is Safety

Love is no harm.

Love is being safe.

Love is no fear.

Love is trust and freedom.

When we are in the state of love, we feel whole and happy and free.

When we are thinking love, we offer only safety.

When we are feeling love, we feel trusting and accepted.

When we are offering love, our intention is to trust and free others to be.

Misunderstandings with Love:

Love is seen as only in relationship with another.

Love is held with conditions and expectations.

Love is believed to come and go over time.

Love is offered when conditions are just right.

This sounds like love is fickle and a special reward.

Expressions of Love:

Love comes from within the Love in us.

Love offers acceptance and peace.

Love has no conditions or expectation.

Love Is who We are here to be.

Love comes through from clearing away the blocks to Love.

Love is freely given and received as it flows through us.

Love is an experience of homecoming.

Love heals and reveals all that is not love.

Love allows what is to be.

Love does not judge even those who judge.

Love sets us free to fully be and express.

Love may be courageous, outspoken and effortless.

Love gives safety, joy and life energy to others.

Love expresses itself in music, art, dance, writing, cooking, beautifying and all we do with Love.

Love works and plays, rests and creates freely and naturally.

Love loves in all we do, and think and say.

Love is our natural state and does not hesitate.

The innocence ones love without thought through a smile, touch, gift, service or spending time.

The natural flow of love is within us and around us and includes all of us with no specialness.

When we love, our love never ends.

When we are being loves, we know this love is eternal.

Turn on your faucet and flow your love to all.

Enjoy the joy and peace of loving.

Realize you cannot be separate from love no matter what the circumstance.

Embody and embrace and enlighten the Love You Are.

Loving You in Your Loving, 

Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue