Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Here To Be Helpful!




I  trust in being helpful to everyone.

Helpfulness builds a safer and kinder world.

I easily help my family, community and humanity.

What brings joy and gratitude to myself and others helps everyone. 

Here to Be Helpful!

You are here to be helpful.

Everything you do can be helpful to others.

Do what you can to be helpful to yourself.

The more you are self sufficient, the more you are helping others.

Help yourself first!

Clean up your own life.

Clear up your communications.

Clean up your home.

Handle your bills and finances.

Take care of unfulfilled agreements.

Complete unfinished projects.

Release toxic relationships.

Be impeccable with your care of the environment.

Live true to your own philosophy.

Be honest in thought, word and deed.

Treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Be helpful to your family.

Treat both children and elders with respect.

Be accepting of those who are different than you.

Stop complaining and seek creative win-win solutions.

Take care of your responsibilities with gratitude.

Clear fear and negative reactivity.

Respond to requests for help with “YES”!

Seek how you can be more helpful to others.

Be willing to listen to want is needed.

Listen within for the highest and best ways to be helpful.

Teach others to help themselves rather than depend on you.

Be grateful and help and teach with joy.

Remember that helpfulness does not promote dependency.

Helpfulness is not martyrdom or creating obligation.

Being helpful is not bargaining for getting reward.

Being truly helpful is selfless service with genuine caring.

Love is helping others, as we would want to be helped.

Giving is a natural sharing of what is good for all.

Being truly helpful is an act of joining and equality.

When we have given with Love, we have given to ourselves.

I enjoy the many ways I have chosen to be helpful,

Betty Lue