Friday, April 12, 2024

Wanting More?




I take impeccable care of myself and my life.

I appreciate my creations and learn from my miscreations.

I easily create all I need for the Good works in my life.

Life works abundantly well as I share all I have.

Wanting More?

When you want more, you are imagining you don’t have enough.

When you think you don’t have enough, it will always feel like you want more.

When you want something better, you are telling yourself what you have is not good enough.

Is this how you want to feel about yourself?  Not good enough? And Never enough?

Do you have enough?

Are you ever satisfied?

Do you need more?

Is there ever enough for you to feel secure and happy?

I have learned “more” comes effortlessly. when you value and share what you have.

I have seen that what you need is given to you, when you use everything for a greater good.

I have experienced that we are provided well for all good works for the good of all.

I have appreciated how naturally we experience abundance and fulfillment, when we are grateful.

Vision inspires us to our greatest potential.

Vision shows us what is to come when we believe.

Vision leads us to act with inspiration as guide.

Vision is what lifts our hearts and minds.

Do you take impeccable care of what you have?

Do you utilize everything for the good of all?

Are you aware of how much you have been given?

Do you share all you have with those who can use it?

Life awakens us to see what we have.

Life reflects others to show us who we are.

Life invites us to imagine our greatness.

Life allows us to clear our self-made obstacles.

When we feel guilty, we can choose to be grateful.

When we feel uncertain, we can choose to be faithful.

When we feel lazy, we can choose to be helpful.

When we feel lacking, we can choose to see our abundance.

When we begin with gratitude for what we have, we can easily create whatever we can use well.

When we start with love and appreciation, we can envision what is next today and tomorrow.

When we are filled with thanksgiving and open-mindedness, we can easily listen to our heart’s desires.

When we enjoy, value and take impeccable care of what we have, it is easy to expand our vision.

Be grateful for yesterday.

Value and enjoy today.

Look forward to tomorrow.

Life will be fun, safe and easy.

Loving us all just as we are.

Betty Lue

There is no lack.

There is always plenty.

There is always enough for everyone.

Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.