Friday, March 15, 2024

Trust In Good





I love, trust and respect myself.

I forgive myself and know all is well.

I believe in myself and Know I am here to Love.

I accept and give Love, trust and peace fully and freely.

Trust Is the Way to Healing and Inner Peace.

Let us remember “All is well".

Let us trust in Love within all things.

Let us know Love is enough.

Love is Trust and Freedom.

We can trust in the Love that created us.

We can trust in the love within.

We can trust in our unlimited Love.

We can trust we are loved no matter what.

We are free to accept Love.

We are free to give Love.

We are free to remember Love.

We are free to Love where there is Lack of Love.

In our awareness that all things work together, we remember all is well.

In our forgiveness of our ego’s need to get its own way, we remember there is a greater Good

In our relinquishment of all anger and fear, we remember Love is within us.

In our allowance for what is to be as it is, we claim the awareness of All is well.

Most have learned to judge and defend.

Most have learned to believe in fear.

Most believe in external persecutors and problems.

Most refuse to trust in anyone or anything.

Without trust there is defensiveness.

Without trust there is withholding love.

Without trust there is self-limitation.

Without trust there is caution and fear.

When we are afraid, limited, fearful and defensive, we cannot accept Love.

When we are distrusting and limiting, we cannot give Love.

When we are protecting ourselves from being hurt, we cannot experience unconditional Love.

Love may seem like a risk, but Love is the answer to experience safety.

Begin with Loving yourself with no matter what.

Begin with positive and life-affirming self-talk.

Begin with remembering to value your whole self.

Begin with making the space to Love You Well.

Forgive all mistakes.

They are tools for learning.

Forgive all hurts.

They are reminders to stay awake.

Begin with trusting yourself today.

I trust You.

Betty Lue