Monday, March 11, 2024

Peace Begins With Me






I give peace and remember the Peace in me.

I live at peace with the choices I make.

I honor the Peace of Good I share with everyone.

Life works with peace and grace and gratitude.

Peace Begins Within

When you are peaceful, others calm down.

When you are agitated, others tend to feel it.

When you are happy, others are touched by your vibration.

When you are unhappy, everyone is affected whether you say anything or not.

Many are unconscious about how our energy impacts those around us.

When we are off path or not quite right, we are more easily impacted by others energy.

When we are at peace and in love, we may not notice how good if feels to be around us.

Our energy makes a world of difference to everyone in our world.

When the leader of the pack is clear, it brings clarity to others.

When the Mom is at peace with herself, the whole family feels it and benefits.

When the boss is upset or unwell, the whole organization is impacted.

When the leader of the nation is worried or stressed, all his people are affected.

Peace begins with us.

Where we see conflict, it is ours to harmonize.

Where we feel lack of love, it is up to us to Love.

When we know someone is suffering, we can offer comfort.

Each one of us can bring the light to any darkness.

Everyone of us has the power within to offer healing.

Wherever we are, we can extend kindness and encouragement.

However we experience our lives, we can extend our Peace.

Peace Be with You.

From our inner peace, there is unlimited possibility.

From our heart of Love, we can give Love and blessings.

From the place of caring, we can comfort, pray and love one another.

People often deny or diminish their impact on others.

People may forget and forsake their potential gifts to be given.

People may withhold what is their part to play at home and work.

In every way, every day, we each can give our best and trust it is good.

Peace begins with my forgiveness of self.

Peace flows when I know my piece of Good matters.

Peace opens the door to so much more to fill what is needed.

Peace allows all of us to feel safe and love and at home.

Let us begin today remembering to bring the Piece and Peace you are.

Loving you at peace in my life.

Betty Lue