Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Life Is A Gift!




Giving thanks always yields more.

Being awake is my continuing reward.

Living fully and freely is truly a gift.

Creating comes easily with enthusiasm and awareness.

Life Is A Gift!

Life is a gift of beauty.

Life is a gift of grace.

Life is a gift of creativity.

Life is a gift to seek our true place.

What we do with life is our choice.

We can squander the time, or we can rise with the climb.

We can choose to play or just work smart every day.

We can fake it or make it all good.

How we play the game of life is really our choice.

How we listen within or to others is always our choice.

How we dance in the wind or sit in the mud is ours for sure.

Whether rich or poor, we can unwrap the beautiful gift of life.

What will you do with this very day?

Who will you teach and how will you play?

You can change your mind any ole time.

Ask what you want this gift to be!

Every day is brand new.

Every word can be true.

Every thought can be kind.

Every deed can change a mind.

Believe it or not, this life is designed just for you.

You can make it or break it and start over again.

You can shape it or take it as it comes from beginning to end.

Life is flexible and malleable and adapts to what we think.

Your life responds to every tiny thought you think.

You can change your tune and change your words.

You can listen to others or wait to be heard.

You can be grateful for all you have learned.

You create your life by how you respond.

You create your life by what you focus on.

You create your life by where you go.

You create your life by what you know.

Believe what you want to be.

Watch it occur almost magically.

Reward yourself with how you love.

Notice everyone is blessed by you.

Life is a gift that keeps on giving.

Life is a gift of awakened living.

Life is our dessert work well done.

Life demonstrates how we are all One.

Loving Life with gratitude and blessings, 

Betty Lue