Sunday, March 03, 2024

Everything Works!




All things work together for Good with Love.

I relinquish fear, judgment and attack and perceive only Love.

I let go of whatever is not wholly true and loving.

Judgment keeps me stuck and forgiveness sets me free.

Use Everything for Good!

How can this be?

Can we really begin to see the Good in everything?

Can we translate tragedy into grace?

Can we make scars into stars?

When we are assured that Goodness is ours, is there a way we can see the Love within?

Can we interpret anger, hatred, abuse into the call for Love?

Can we step away from our fear-based judgments and see there is a need for forgiveness?

Can we actually believe we are here to experience only Love and the call for Love?

If Goodness is what we seek to see, are we able to truly believe?

Can we believe in only Good and see only Good?

When we believe God and Good created us, can we also believe that the false can be true as well?

Is it possible that what is not, can appear to be?

Wow!  This confuses even me.

In the mind of the beholder, there exists what we think is so.

In the thought system of duality, there is Good and evil, 

In the unified thought system there is no opposite for in all there is only One God and all Good.

You may believe in evil.

You may believe fear is an effective defense.

You may believe that you must protect yourself.

And so in these beliefs, this will be your consistent experience.

When we seek the Good, we can see and feel the Good in all things.

When we seek the evil and Bad, we find the bad or do we make it up?

Where we place our attention and intention, we can find or create.

 Do we create what is or do we simply discover what is?

Are we here to authenticate that we create?

Are we here to experience duality so we see what we look for?

Are we here to be victims of our own thought?

Are we here to recognize we scare ourselves with our unconsciously chosen thinking?

Everything works in some way.

Some times we learn from what appears to be.

Sometimes we increase what seems to be so.

Sometimes we forgive and delete what was.

Both creations we like and those we don’t like have value.

We learn through our reactions and responses, 

We learn by recognizing the power of our thoughts.

We learn through the healing and revealing of the intrinsic and unified whole.

In so many ways we are creating that which we see and value.

We use our perceptions to value our creations and validate our beliefs.

When we are content with all we create and value, we recognize all things work together.

When we are judgmental and distressed with our experiences, we believe we are not responsible.

What works together comes from our willingness to learn and grow in power and in peace.

What works is to heal and forgive our misperceptions and miscreations.

What works is to remember we are all here together to learn from and with one another.

What works is to be willing to see all things new again.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Life awakens us to look again with forgiving eyes,

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to easily and quickly let go of all that is not best for you.