Sunday, February 18, 2024

What Is Love?





Love is Who I Am.

Love is the way I live in Gratitude.

Love is providing safety and peace.

I choose to Be Love, See Love and Know Love in all my Being.

What Is Love?

Everyone defines love differently.

How we see Love is unique.

How we feel Love is ours alone.

How we be Love is key to life.

Many ways to see, feel and be love are known through our inner perspective and experience.

Let yourself explore what Love is  for you and you will come to expand your repertoire.

Love can be in everything and everyone, either being given, requested or both.

May your exploration and experience expand as you grow in consciousness.

Love is God/Good for Goodness sake.

Love can be the all-knowing, all-powerful, all present energy of All That Is.

Love can overcome all things, provide and protect all things.

Love is an ever-present state of consciousness and awareness.

Love is what we seek to be and see to find true happiness and inner peace.

Love is where we go when we dream of a life of contentment and security.

Love is feeling safe and connected, embraced and at home.

Love is the warmth of familiarity and the smell of loving food.

You may not know no matter the circumstances, there are those who long to love and be loved.

You may wonder why people act and speak with such lack of love.

You may allow yourself to avoid, hate and even want to eliminate the unloving behaviors.

Everyone is calling for love when they have forgotten or have lost faith in love itself.

We are each here to bring love to this world where love may appear lost forever.

Love is what we long for in the peace of nations, peoples and families.

Love is where we want to live with safety and provision for our loved ones.

Love is the natural state of those who have truly forgiven.

Perhaps it is time for a rewind of history.

We can choose to forgive the lack of love and seek for moments when we knew unconditional Love.

Perhaps we can feel the total love of a pet, the beauty of the trees or the openness of the heavens.

We can choose to remember the feeling of Divine love in a song that inspires us.

When all seems loss, empty or dark, it is time to give ourselves a moment of remembering Love.

When we feel afraid, uncertain and bereft, it is a gift of love to give comfort and reassurance.

Life is an opportunity to love ourselves dearly and deeply with devotion.

Perhaps we are here to reclaim the Love that lives always deep within us all.

Let us vow to love ourselves today and every day.

Let us extend our love to those around us with the same devotion.

Let us reach out with Love to those we do not know, knowing they too long to be loved.

Let us clear our fears and tears and choose to redeem and power and Presence of Love.

I am loving you with all the realization of Love I now know.

Betty Lue