Saturday, February 10, 2024

Love Children Well




I use the language I want to hear from others.

I choose what is valuable, healthy and helpful to do.

I love others by loving my life and giving my best.

I am who I want to be.

Be A Responsible Adult.

We adults are responsible for the care and teaching of our children.

It is by our words and deeds that we teach them to be who they are.

We show them by our love, by our caring, by our creating safety.

Our children need us to show up and grow up to earn their respect.

What do parents and caregivers and teachers need to do?

Be a role model and make sure you are living what you teach.

Give them what you want them to learn to give.

Show them with your own patience, kindness and love.

Teach them right from wrong.

Teach them to be helpful not helpless.

Teach them to be independent, not dependent.

Teach them good manners and respect.

How do you teach them, if you lie, cheat and steal?

How do you teach them if you act helpless and dependent?

How do you teach them, if you are rude and disrespectful?

Learn how to be your best self to teach children well. 

Do you get up before your children and show them you care?

Do you speak with kindness and respect to your children?

Do you listen to your children when they have something to share?

Do you give each child special time without distractions?

Do you forgive mistakes and teach your children how you care?

Do you talk in a calm and encouraging voice?

Do you turn off the TV and phone and really enjoy time with your family?

Do you demonstrate how to appreciate and value what you have?

Do you clean your home as a helpful team with your whole family?

Do you take special time to have fun, explore and learn together?

Do you show real interest and let your children teach you new things?

Do you teach by your example with honesty, kindness and respect for all?

Do you demonstrate self discipline, timeliness, self confidence and service?

Do you live with balance, order, and happiness in your daily activities?

Do you live what you teach and correct your immature behaviors?

Do you value what is valuable and let go of bad habits and needless waste?

Your life is your children’s example.

Our children copy what they see and hear.

All children are learning daily what to do and not do.

Our children are modeling their life after you.

Be what you want your children to be.

See what you want your children to see.

Choose to live as you want your children to live.

Let go of what you do not what for your children.

Everyone is important, so always give you best.

Love works all the time.

Betty Lue