Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Ever-Renewing Life




I know Who I Am and I know I Am True.

I AM One Self, at One with All Creation.

I realize the unfolding and re-awakening of all humanity.

Life is my ever-present joyful reward for living and giving well.

Life Is Ever-Changing and Renewing!

Life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors, textures and flavors.

We can feast our eyes on what appears to be and still it changes.

We can savor the fragrance and flavors of what we taste and eat and fill our senses. 

We can feel the textures of substance and form and it melts into nothingness and bursts into joy.

Life is merely the temporary substance from which our senses experience its creations.

How little we see and hear and feel and know when all that we have is now in our awareness.

We can choose what brings us into awakening and ecstasy.

We can receive what offers us the peace and pleasure we choose.

When we are lonely, we can commune with the sun and moon and stars and All That Is.

When we are cold, we can find warmth in the rays of the sun, a warm rock or snuggling with someone.

When we are lost, we can seek direction by walking the paths of others and listening to those around us.

When we are hurting, we can enjoy the blessings of children playing, birds singing and the sounds of life.

We are never alone because we are truly all one.

We are never separate until we judge our own boundaries.

We are never lost unless we throw away our inner compass and conscience.

We are never abandoned unless we leave our own selves without love and compassion.

Each step we take and every move we make is our gift to one and all.

Every time we remember the Source of our Good, we have given this remembrance to others.

We are choosing to return to full awareness and appreciation of our power to choose.

We are awakening to the right action and real reason for being here on earth.

Enjoy the beauty.

Discover your compassion.

Recognize the ones who walk beside you.

Listen for the Love that guides you.

Right where you are is the Grace that passes all understanding.

Right within you is the Love that warms and comforts and guides you.

Right action comes from taking the steps that you know to be true.

Pay attention and be mindful of what is REAL in You as YOU.

Life is showing us the way to live in Love every day.

Life gives us choice to deny what is not and celebrate what is.

Life is awakening us all to Love one another, no matter what.

Life is the Gift and clear reflection of what we are here to be and do.

Loving the Life in me and You, as One,

Betty Lue