Friday, February 16, 2024





I believe love and trust work.

I believe that we are creating what we believe.

I believe what we see comes from what we believe.

How we live, what we imagine and say all create our experience.

What Do You Believe?

Look at your life and you will see what you believe.

Listen to your words and you will hear what you believe.

Watch what you do and you will see where you place your belief.

Beliefs show up with what we think and say and do.

Some beliefs are found in our everyday philosophy of life.

Beliefs can show up in prejudice, opinions and promises made.

Beliefs may be part of culture, religion, politics and family teachings.

Beliefs provide the foundation on which we base our decision and life choices.

The more positive beliefs create a higher vibration of health and success.

The more negative beliefs lower our energy, creativity, and successful outcome.

When we want something better, we need to expand our energy with positive beliefs.

When we fall under the spell of not caring, worrying, comparing or judging, we disable our ability to manifest good.

When you believe in Good, you will experience Good.

When you believe in Love, you will experience Love.

When you believe in Good and Evil, you will experience both Good and Evil.

When you believe in Love and fear, you will experience both Love and fear.

What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.

We achieve to the degree to which we believe.

When there are opposing beliefs, we experience both.

When we are single-minded or focused, we clearly manifest what we believe.

The world teaches a myriad of beliefs about everything.

There is confusion, conflict, frustration and lack of faith.

When we attach to one belief that rises above all the rest, we ttest our belief works for us.

When we cannot make up our mind about what to believe, we lose faith, hope and even experience doubt.

Mixed messages yield mixed outcomes.

Focused beliefs yield a focused outcome.

Believe what you want with all your heart and mind and it will manifest.

Believe without inner conviction and you will not manifest the success.

As a true believer, I must clear the worldly contaminants to my beliefs.

I choose what I want to believe and remind myself by living my beliefs.

My faith is strengthened as I practice my beliefs.

As I believe, I come to know it as my truth.

I believe in Love.

I choose to give and receive Love.

I celebrate the Love in me.

Loving you,

Betty Lue