Monday, January 15, 2024

Respond Responsibly




I am responsible for everything I experience.

I take impeccable care of myself so I can always respond with Love.

I forgive everything that interferes with being whole, happy and free.

Love is my natural state, so my thoughts, words and deeds teach only Love. 

Being Responsible Is Your Real Work!

Being responsible means the ability to respond.

When you are willing to be fully able to respond, you respond in a respectful ways.

When you are open to being able to respond, you respond with loving kindness.

When you are grateful to be able to respond, you respond with wisdom and consciousness.

Do you respond to others with kindness?

Are you responsive to the requests of your family?

Do you easily respond with respect to your children?

Are you able to respond rather than react without feeling resentment?

Did you know your real work is to be able to respond with love and respect?

Did you know that your real purpose is to be responsible for your own happiness?

Did you know that you have the job of responding first to your self? 

Do you understand that your primary responsibility is to be happy?

When you are happy, you are able to respond consciously to others. 

When you are on purpose, you are willing to be responsible.

When you are responsible, you easily contribute your best.

When you are doing your real work, everyone is blessed.

To be responsible for your words and behavior is essential to teach others.

To be aware of how your thoughts impact others is necessary to be responsible.

To choose wisely how to benefit yourself and others is being responsible.

To give attention and intention to your thoughts, words and deeds is being responsible.

When you interact with those who are irresponsible, make responsible choices.

When you want to teach responsibility to your children, be responsible.

Demonstrate being responsible by not complaining or criticizing.

Be willing to change your thoughts, words and interactions to show you are response-able.

When you are teaching responsibility, be responsible for everything.

BE responsible for your thoughts and how you express them.

BE responsible for your feelings and how you share them.

BE responsible for your behavior and how you interact.

BE responsible for your relationships and you respect others.

BE responsible for your home and how you keep it clean and orderly.

BE responsible for your finances and how you spend your money.

BE responsible for your health and how you care for your whole self.

BE responsible for your work and how you use it for the good of all.

BE responsible for your inspiration and how you contribute to what inspires.

Your world learns from you to be responsible or irresponsible.

Others copy your behavior to learn to be responsive with love or reactive with fear.

You impact your self and others by making love-based or fear-based choices.

Your respect and responsibility teaches your thoughts, words and deeds.

Thank you for being respectful and responsible for your life.

Betty Lue