Friday, January 19, 2024

Release Your Past!




I choose to forgive your past.

I forgive everything and everyone for all time, including myself.

I easily and quickly everything I do not want to repeat.

I release all hurtful thoughtful, thoughts words and behavior

Release Your Past!

When you are not totally loving your self, you deny your True Self.

When you do not truly love your self, you do not give to your self.

When you do not believe your self, you do not trust in your choices.

When you have not forgiven your past, you tend to recreate it.

Our work in the world is to do a fearless inventory and clean up past mistakes.

Our work is to recognize what is haunting us and exorcise old memories.

Our work is to shine a light on the dark corners of our history and delete what depletes us.

Our work is to undo everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.

Present choices are often based on past guilt and fear.

Present voices often repeat what we heard in the past.

Present pictures usually review what we perceived in our childhood.

Present relationships are usually past unhealed similars to better understand.

When not forgiving ourselves and others, we re-experience what is left undone.

When avoiding what was misunderstood or judged falsely, we create it again to heal.

When we shine a light on whatever was not quite “right”, we can better see and forgive.

To forgive is to relinquish our condemnation and open to see with more light and love within.

The process of self forgiveness is to love no matter what seemed to be.

The process of forgiving others is to let go and love them anyway.

The process of utilizing forgiveness is to erase the blocks to love.

The process of applying forgiveness is to open and free the flow of life energy.

Wherever we condemn anything or anyone, we interfere with healing, blessing and learning.

When we stop the flow of love and light, we cannot reveal what is true and calling for our help.

When we impose our anger, blame, hurt and vengeance on anyone, we receive the pain we inflict.

When we allow the judgments to be laid aside, we awaken to the infinite creative power within.

Life is for giving! Love is for giving!  Light is for giving!

When we are not giving our best, we are cheating ourselves.

When we are not extending our peace, we experience inner conflict.

When we are not sharing our love, we do not feel safe with our love.

When we are not remembering to shine our light, we feel afraid.

Our Power comes from Light, not might.

Our Love comes from Trust, not doubt.

Our Joy comes from Peace, not conflict.

Our willingness to forgive, let go and delete is the Key to all Good.

Let the past go.

It cannot hurt except when we keep it in our mind.

Erase your mind with Love.

Release the past with an eraser filled with Love.

Forgiveness is the key to everything you want.

Loving us each in our willingness to Forgive.

Betty Lue