Thursday, January 25, 2024

Make A Difference!



Affirmations: (For you to use to free your mind.)

I am certain I make a difference.

I am clear in my communication with everyone.

I am consistent and follow-up on what I commit to.

I am clear, confident and consistent with what I think and say and do.

Make a Difference!

Be Clear, 

Be Certain, 

Be Consistent.

Make a difference with your children.

Make a difference with your spouse.

Make a difference with your friends.

Make a difference in your workplace.

Be clear in your communication.

Be clear in your values with your words.

Be clear with your ethics and your behavior.

Be clear with your everyday life style and behavior.

Be certain about what you believe.

Be certain with your confidence.

Be certain with what you want to say.

Be certain about the standards you uphold.

Be consistent with what you say and do.

Be consistent in making sure you are honest and true.

Be consistent with the standards for everyone children and adults.

Be consistent in how you live your life with everyone.

When we commit with clarity, certainty and consistency, all things are done.

The request will be answered when we are determined.

The questions are answered when we on single-minded.

We are heard and respected when we know what we want.

It is our doubt that inter-fears.

It is our questioning that hesitates.

It is our judgments that create a block.

It is our lack of commitment that gets in our way.

When we are clear, we communicate concisely.

When we are clear, everyone understands.

When we are clear, we can see and feel what we know.

When we are clear, all light shines and empowers our choice.

When we are certain, we do not delay.

When we are certain, we step forward in faith.

When we are certain, we our confident with our choice.

When we clear, we do not doubt or delay.

When we are consistent, we persist.

When we are consistent, we are determined.

When we are consistent, we do not quit.

When we are consistent, we proceed to success.

Whether are home or in business, be clear, certain and consistent.

You will not fail.

Blessings of Goodness, 

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

Make No Assumptions. 

Keep Your Agreements. 

Take Nothing Personally. 

Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.