Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Inner Guidance




I live in Light and trust in Love.

Life works with ease when I listen within and follow.

My greatest gift to myself is to listen to the guidance within me.

I free myself to trust in the Guidance within.

Light Reveals and Love Heals

When we are at peace, we can see what is.

When we are at peace, we respond with Love.

When we are at peace, we know what is needed.

When we are at peace, we receive Divine Guidance.

The condition of health, happiness and fulfillment is peace.

Our natural state and inheritance is Peace.

When we have cluttered up our inner peace, we cannot see or hear.

When we have forgotten our place of inner quiet, we lost our way.

The optimum healing path is to foster Peace in our mind.

To be aware of our inner peace, we must be still and listen.

To be able to quiet our selves and listen we must create space.

To create sacred space for silence, we must be willing to set aside time.

What is more important than our inner peace?

What is more sacred than finding quiet time?

What is more valuable than to step away and listen?

What is more healing than to give ourselves peace of mind?

In this world with so many external attractions and distractions, where do we go to be still?

For many years with young children, I would get up at 3 AM for my hour of stillness.

During those times and continuing from there, it is essential that I get quiet and listen.

It is in listening in silence that I receive guidance, expanded awareness and profound teachings.

Where I need to go is within.

What I need to do is nothing.

How I need to be is trusting.

What I need to give is freedom.

There is a place in each of us that is quiet.

This place is filled with only Light.

There is a Source within us all.

This Source is only Love.

What I must do to remember my Inner Peace is to seek it everyday.

What I must remember in my daily schedule is to go there and be still.

What I must trust in my heart is that all true answers for my life lie within me.

What I must relinquish to be free are all the ways I let my external world decide for me.

Life offers me everything I want, when I am willing to let go and listen within.

Loving us all in finding the Light and living in Love,

Betty Lue

Begin a daily practice.

Same place and time.

Hold nothing in mind.

Be still and know.

You will be guided.

Listen and write.

Listen and learn.

Listen and follow.