Thursday, December 14, 2023





I use my time for Love.

I take my time to connect and communicate Love.

I am efficient in my use of time by focusing on what matters.

I easily complete what is important to me in the time I have.

It’s About Time

Are you aware of how you use your time?

Do you notice your utilization of time?

Time can be effective, valuable, disregarded or wasted.

Time is given to us as a commodity for our use.

We may miss time and what is important.

We may disregard time and simply care less.

We may be focused and lose track of time.

We may just waste time doing what is meaningless.

We may ignore time and keep on doing what matters.

We may use the precious time we have to live consciously.

We may take our time to say and do what is valuable.

We may make time to focus on what is meaningful.

Time well spent is fulfilling.

Time poorly used may be regretted.

Respecting time can be important.

Time can be measured and accounted for.

Because time is so valuable for some, to disrespect others’ time can be frustrating.

For those who lose track of time, reminders are important.

With the many distractions in life, we often need to be selective in our use of time.

When we honor the time we have, we treat every minute as significant.

To use time well is to be efficient.

To use time wisely is to be conscious.

To use time meaningfully, is to be inspired.

To use time with gratitude, is to be awake.

Consider how well you use your time each day.

Take the time to review what has been and will be.

Understand how to focus your time for each activity.

Establish a simply question to remember your intention.

How does this use of time support my intention?

Am I aware of what I am doing and why it is important to me?

Is there anything more valuable to be doing right now?

Is my time important to me?

I love using every minute to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God and Good.

Betty Lue

Do you keep track of time?

Do you use time efficiently or waste time?

Do you manage your time well?

Do you get things done on time?

Time will tell you about you.

Betty Lue