Sunday, December 10, 2023





I trust my inner voice and intuition.

I let Love lead the way.

I allow all fear to disappear and I let go and listen within.

I walk in gratitude and see my way to go.

December 10, 2023 Loving Reminders – Lost?

If You Are Lost…..

If you have gone astray, stop and be still.

If you have lost your way, stop and be still.

If you are confused, stop and be still.

If you are conflicted, stop and be still.

There is Wisdom in you that knows.

There is Love in you that cares.

There is Purpose in you that trusts. 

There is Light in you that guides.

It is time to listen within.

This is how to begin.

Stop and be silent.

Sit for a while and remember to smile.

Give yourself time to recoup.

Recalibrate where you are.

Think about where you are going.

Get a grip on your Self.

Forgive all missteps.

Drop all your regrets.

Give yourself time .. to realign.

And be still until you “know” which way to go.

Often we sit in judgment.

Sometimes we stop with fear.

We may be still with hurting.

We may cry out in despair.

Always there is Love to guide you.

Still there is Hope in the Light.

When we Forgive the darkness, 

We remember and return to the Way.

Life works when we listen within to our own inner knowing.  

You are a gift to yourself.  

Remember always to love you really well.

We all lose our way and must return on our own.

We may have guides who show up.

We may find those who encourage and remind us when we forget.  

We may have comfort in family and friends.

But most of all, we have our True Self.

Consider the using your own GPS.

Consider trusting your Higher Self.

Consider letting go of the fear you know.

Be still and listen within.

Loving us all as we travel through life,

Betty Lue

Let us forgive losing our way.

Stop and listen within.

Choose for a better way!