Saturday, December 02, 2023

Be Right or Happy?




I choose being happy.

I forgive the need to be right.

I let go of fighting, arguing and trying to win.

I love win-win solutions.

Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?

The ego chooses to be right.

The Essential Self always chooses Happiness?

When you are greedy, you want both.

So what is your choice?

There will be no arguments, when you choose happiness.

There will be no more resentment, when you choose happiness.

There will be no more pain, when you choose happiness.

There will be no more rejection, when you choose happiness.

There is no harm in choosing to be happy.

There is no sorrow in choosing to be happy.

There is the joy of letting go.

There is the freedom of allowing what is.

Why would anyone want to fight to be right?

Why would you choose to make others wrong?

Why cause suffering and pain to another?

Why be so determined to make others pay?

When you are clear, you will give up the fight.

When you are in your RIGHT Mind, you will let go.

When you want only happiness for yourself and the other, you will stop.

When you relinquish your need to win, you will begin.

Stop punishing yourself and others with trying to win.

The most fabulous solutions come from letting go.

The easiest way to peace is allowing freedom to all.

The quickest path to true and lasting happiness is to “Let It Be”.

I have chosen happiness.

The call of the universe is to be happy and free.

The Will of Goodness (God) is true happiness.

Let go and Let Goodness be our natural easy path to happiness.

Stop fighting.  Be happy.

Stop hurting. Be Happy.

Stop losing. Be happy.

Stop making others wrong.  Be Happy.

It is easy to let go.

It is natural to let others be.

It is healing to allow.

It is helpful to be happy.

Living to be happy,

Betty Lue