Monday, November 13, 2023

Your Home Is Your Reflection




I give my home the positive attention it deserves.

My home returns to me the peace and harmony I enjoy.

I leave my home in order and ready for my return.

My home is a reflection of what I choose to have and live. 

Your Home Is Your Reflection.

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When coming home from vacation, what do you look forward to?

After a long day at work, what do you want to experience?

What does your “home” offer you?

Is your home your place of comfort and renewal?

What we call “home” means something different to everyone.

It can be our sanctuary and safe haven.

Home can be our place of inner reflection and enjoyment.

Home can be a place of renewal and rejuvenation.

We create our home with our images and desires.

Our home can reflect our inner vision of ourselves.

We can have a home that provides peace and quiet.

 Our home can be the place we find most enjoyment.

For many “home” may not be what you want. 

You may have allowed your home to reflect how you grew up.

You may not have created a space in which you are happy.

You may feel where you live is the how you feel about yourself.

Perhaps it is time to listen to what you really want.

How do you want to live?

What are the sounds you want to hear?

What are the sights you want to look upon?

Within family structure, we can learn how to respect space for each other.

Common areas can reflect what everyone wants to experience.

Individual rooms can represent what each person wants.

With conscious sharing, each individual can have their desires.

Our homes offer the place for basic needs to eat and sleep.

Everyone has a standard of living that can be satisfied.

When we care about ourselves and one another, we attend to everyone’s needs.

When we want home to be a happy, harmonious and healthy place, 

Consider what your priorities are.

What are your needs to be your best Self?

Consider others living in your home.

Determine what their needs are to be their best.


When basic needs are ignored or neglected, the home becomes a reflection of lack. 

When the home is filled with beauty and laughter. harmony is enjoyed in all who live within.

Let your home be a reflection of what you want to experience in the life of you and your loved ones.

Let coming home be a time of gratitude and joy to be your loving reminder.

May harmony and love reign in your home and heart.

Betty Lue