Saturday, November 18, 2023

Give Your Blessings!




I give my best and let go of the rest.

I receive the blessings I am giving.

I trust in giving the Good I have been given.

I am prospered by all Good I give.

Give Your Blessings!

Give blessings for the good that is shared.

Give blessings of gratitude for all that is received.

Give blessings for the needs that are requested.

Give blessings of forgiveness for what is forsaken.

All that we receive is to be given with love.

All that we give is to be received with our gratitude.

What we receive is good to be given.

What we give, we receive as we are giving.

Giving and receiving are one and the same.

When we recognize the flow of goodness, we give freely.

When we experience what we are giving, we receive abundantly.

When we realize we are here to bring out gifts, we know we prosper.

Give your best Self.

Prosper those around you.

Receive with gratitude.

Prosper your Self abundantly.

Life energy is given or withheld.

When we fully and freely give, we feel full.

When we are needy and try to get full, we feel more need.

Our life is for giving and in this we recognize our gifts.

Keep yourself full.

Take impeccable care of your gifts.

Recognize the Source of Love within.

Share your best and receive your best.

Give your positive thoughts.

Give your gratitude and love.

Give your smiles and kind words.

Give your hope and your prayer.

Contribute to what inspires you.

Donate where is it received with gratitude.

Give attention to what is a blessing.

Give your very best.

We all have the opportunity to give our blessings.

Life gives us opportunities to choose.

We can forgive our complaints.

We can focus our thoughts and words on blessings.

Remember we receive what we are giving.

Blessings of good for all, 

Betty Lue