Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Who Needs You?




I give my best everyday to everyone who comes my way.

I listen and learn what is the real need in each person.

I empower and encourage people to serve themselves.

I trust that giving is receiving for one and all.

Are you paying attention?

Who needs you now?

Are you aware of those around you?

Do you know who counts on you?

Our children and youth need us.

They need our interested listening and attention.

They need our help, education and information.

Most they need our love and positive example.

Our parents, grandparents and elders need us.

They need us to care and share with them our gratitude.

They need us to ask and learn from them.

They need us to notice and attend to their needs when they cannot.

Our communities need us.

They need our help, support, volunteering and encouragement.

Our communities need us to pay taxes, vote wisely and do what we can.

Those around us need us to notice what needs to be done and do it.

Everywhere we go we are needed.

When we pay attention, we see the needs in our workplace, our highways and schools.

We are needed to listen and watch, care and share, speak up and do what is needed.

Begin to acknowledge the needs are present for you to participate and contribute.

What is needed most?

First take care of the needs at home.

Handle your own personal needs of health, happiness and well-being.

Take care of those in you home and in your daily life.

Honor others with listening and giving your sincere attention and caring.

Respect the needs expressed by others and teach them how to handle their basic lives themselves.

Show others how to tend to their families and their homes, their health and their finances.

Give people help when they ask for help and encourage them to gather information and education.

Everyone has needs.

Most people do not ask until they are in dire need.

Many people deplete those around them by demanding others do it for them.

Some are fiercely private and independent and would rather die than ask.

It is essential we become willing to do for others as we would want others to do for us.

When we listen with caring and compassion, we have given the best gift of all: kindness and respect.

As we learn to care and share what we have, we find more ways to do what is simple and truly helpful.

Give what you can without sacrifice and always share your very best.


All will be blessed.

Contribute the best you have.

I do.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue