Saturday, October 14, 2023

Love No Matter What!




I never quit on Love.

Love is the key to being happy and healthy.

Love works for me.

I remember Love and return to wholeness.

Love No Matter What!

Staying positive is essential to being happy.

Looking forward is essential to being positive.

Forgiving mistakes and hardship is key to loving.

Releasing judgments is important to feeling good.

When we feel good, we are positive.

When we feel good, we are happy.

When we feel good we look forward.

When we feel good we are loving.

When you have hard times, it is important to be loving.

Be loving to yourself. 

Be loving to those around you.  

Be loving to the situation at hand.

Loving can mean being helpful.

Loving can mean being grateful.

Loving can mean being gentle.

Loving can mean trusting.

There are many ways to make the situation better.

Our attitude is key to the experience and the outcome.

When we are negative, we narrow our vision.

When we are loving, we open our intuition.

Our inner guidance system will seek a match to our energy.

Choose to love to attract loving energy in all your affairs.

Choose to forgive all negative feelings to clear attracting negative energy.

Choose to undo whatever is fearful, defensive or hurtful to clear attracting the same.

During these challenging times, we are called to remember to Love.

Remember to listen within to the guidance of Love.

Remember to erase negative energies to clear the fear.

Remember to undo what is not helpful or healthful to anyone.

Life is for giving.

We are the gift of Love. 

We are here to give and receive Love.

This is the time to give the best you have to all.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue