Monday, October 16, 2023

Just Say "No. Thank You!"




I say “No” quickly and easily to all that is harmful.

I stop all practices which are hurtful to anyone.

I trust myself to protect myself from all harm.

The more I care for myself with respect, the more I care for others respectfully.

Are you willing to say “No”?

Do you protect yourself?

Do you speak up for you?

Do you allow yourself to be victimized, bullied and intimidated?

It is time to say “No”

It is time to stop all violent words and behaviors.

It is your responsibility to never allow yourself to be hurt.

It is wrong to let yourself  be threatened or abused.

Just say “NO”!

Learn to say “No” to the ways you abuse yourself.

Listen to your words and your thoughts.

Never allow your choices to be harmful to you.


We must depend on our own courage and wisdom.

We must stop making excuses or justifications.

We must undo the passivity that allows harm.

We must give up our “nice” ways of coping.

We need not abuse another to stop abuse.

We need to learn how to say “no” before anyone gets hurt.

We need to realize it is harmful to allow harm.

We can be the change we want to see.

Stop yourself and others from using abusive language.

Stop yourself from watching violence and abuse.

Stop making excuses for children doing harm.

Stop allowing those around you to do harm to themselves.

There is fear because we allow war, threat, attack and abuse.

Humanity is using threat and attack to stop threat and attack.

When we ALLOW what we don’t want, we INCREASE what we don’t want.

Our strategy is to increase rather than to stop what we don’t want.

It is essential that we find a better way in our own personal lives.

It is key to eradicate harm by stepping away and saying “NO”!

In our homes we must learn to stop hurting one another with words.

In our work place we must not allow abusive practices.

Individually we can make the change we want to see.

We must end discrimination and intolerance..

We must not allow excuses and justification.

We must change the culture.

This is our time to end what is hurtful or harmful to anyone or anything.

End what is wrong today. 

Say “NO”.  

Trusting you. 

Betty Lue