Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Forgive Your Self!




I heal myself with forgiveness.

I heal my relationships with others with forgiveness and love.

I trust that forgiving is easily letting go of past errors.

I take time to quickly and easily forgive what keeps me from loving.

Forgive Your Self!

Forgive yourself for not treating you well.

Forgive your mind for being unkind to you.

Forgive your choice for not giving yourself the best.

Forgive your words for being disrespectful to you.

You may find yourself judging others.

You may notice you argue with yourself.

You may make unhealthy choices.

You may be negative and belittling.

You may not have noticed how you are not good to you.

You may be picky and petty with your own choices.

You may neglect or forget to appreciate yourself.

You may be hurtful in your behavior toward your body.

Do you notice how the ways you treat you become the way others treat you?

When you lack self respect, others often are not respectful to you as well.

Have you seen how when you hurt yourself, others may be hurtful as well?

When we love, respect and value ourselves, others are more loving and respectful as well.

Literally the way we treat ourselves is projected onto others.

What we give, we receive

What we show, is shown to us.

Everything we think, do and say is a lesson for us and for our world.

When we forgive ourselves, we are remembering we deserve love.

When we are willing to learn from our mistakes, we are teaching others to learn as well from theirs.

When we remember to respect ourselves, we are more likely to respect others.

Our real work is to remember to love, trust, respect and appreciate ourselves.

Life is a gift to us.

We are here to awaken to the value of our lives.

We need to learn from our lives and live them well.

We can erase the forgetfulness and neglect and live consciously.

When I release regret and relinquish self judgment, I am free to choose again.

When I honestly forgive and erase past mistakes, I can openly choose a better way.

When I surrender my need to get my way, I can see the opportunities to be helpful.

When I let go of judgment and fear, I am clear about how to live and give with love.

My life and yours are the learning and healing journey we can here for.

Only we can forgive and choose again.

Our forgiveness is our greatest medicine.

We can heal lack of peace and pain and suffering 

Let us all forgive ourselves everyday for our lack of love.

Remembering only love as we learn to let go and love again.

Betty Lue

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue