Monday, October 30, 2023

Always Enough!




My thoughts create the experience I want to have.

I live my life as though everything matters.

There is always enough to do what I choose.

My thoughts, words and actions are expressing my truth.

There Is Always Enough!

You have what you think you have.

You believe what you choose to believe.

You create the experience you have chosen.

You use your thoughts to create your feelings.

When we know we are at choice, we can begin.

When you think you can change your experience, you can.

When you know there is enough, you will experience enough.

You are the most powerful creator in your own life.

What do you believe?

Are you wanting more?

More time and money?

More freedom and trust?

There is an infinite supply when you see life as ever-creating itself.

Your mind can imagine and perceive what you want yourself to believe.

“What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.” You may have heard.

You may have changed your mind and noticed how the results have changed.

Begin to notice your thoughts and your words.

They create the experiences you have when you are aware.

You may notice how some think positive and some negative.

You might even see your happiness is related to your thinking.

The key to practicing the use of your mind is to erase what you don’t want.

Forgive, erase and delete what is not your choice.

Choose imagination, thoughts, words, and actions that demonstrate what you do want.

Clear the fearful memories and limited thinking and begin believing in the power of mind.

It is true that we are created to create.

It is real that what we think about we will feel.

It is helpful to realize past programming becomes our experience.

We all can change what we no longer want or need to be free.

Watch what you allow to “run your life”.

Notice the limiting beliefs about time, money, love and work.

Recognize that when people join to believe, they support the experience in lack or fulfillment.

You can lead the change to what is good and true and loving for all.

Begin to read, watch and practice unlimited thinking, speaking and doing.

You can change your health, wealth and happiness with a consistent change of mind.

Now is your time to begin. 

No need to wait on anyone. 

Choose the highest and best right now.

Loving and Believing in us.

Betty Lue

There is no lack.

There is always plenty.

There is always enough for everyone.

Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.

When you believe it, you will see it!

Love is freedom to share and trust in Abundance.

Betty Lue