Friday, September 15, 2023

I Believe In Love




I trust in the Love that gives my inner peace.

I release what is not good for me.

I want the peace of goodness and Love

I forgive all that is not true for me.

I Believe in Love.

I believe Love is Freedom and Trust.

I believe Love is Trust and Freedom.

I believe that love is letting go of fear.

I believe that Love is letting go.

Love is the power of healing.

Love is the way we appreciate. 

Love is Who We Are.

Love is All There Is.

Under the illusion we dared to dream, there is only Love.

Love created us to be the Love we are and the Love we share.

When we erase and forgive all we mis-created, there is Love.

When we are allowing forgiveness to clear the way, we remember Love.

Those who remember, know Love is real.

Those who have forgotten, may misunderstand.

Those who let the mis-creations rule, may fear Love is illusion.

Those who see Love as special, saved only for some, may doubt.

We are the generation here to clear the fear.]

This is our time to forgive all, everything that is false.

We are here to undo what we do not want.

We can focus and decide to trust in love only.

Yes, this is radical.

Yes, this is possible.

Yes, this is work.

Yes, we can remember.

What do you believe?

What you believe, you will live.

When you believe, you will be guided by.

When you have chosen your beliefs, you can trust where they lead.

When we allow others’ beliefs to lead us, we may feel misguided.

When we allow fear to be our guide, we will be afraid.

When we believe in duality, we will not know what is our reality.

When we forgive one path, we will choose the other.

And so it is, our faith will make us whole.

Our truth will lead us to peace.

Our belief will guide us.

The belief we hold will bring us home.

Always sharing my Love, 

Betty Lue