Monday, September 25, 2023

Here We Are






I learn from everything and everyone.

I enjoy what I learn and make the best choices I know.

I trust my life to encourage my greater awareness.

I easily let go of errors and choose what is highest and best.

Here You Are.

What do we do?

Do you like where you are?

Are you ready to change course?

Can you make the changes you want?

Only you can make your life be what you want.

Only you can trust what is needed and wanted.

Stop playing innocent victim and ignorant of responsibility.

Start stepping up to the plate and go to bat for yourself.

Consider your situation.

Look at who is around you.

Listen in quiet to what you hear.

Choose the outcome you want.

You can choose again and again.

If you don't like what you have, choose again.

Forgive what you have chosen.

Don't get stuck in judgment.

Remember that your mistakes are learning opportunities.

Remember that only you are master of your destiny.

You have an infinite number of possibilities.

You can explore, experiment, and notice the outcomes.

Sure you can wallow in misery and self pity.

You can find someone or something to blame. 

You can play guilty mistaken fool.

Or you can let go and start all over again.

If you don't like the results of your choices, choose again.

If you stay too long, stop and choose again right now.

If you are afraid of the outcome of change, consider what it means to stay.

If you are looking for a savior, look in the mirror and listen to your heart.

Only you know what is your heart’s desire.

Only you understand how it hurts to be stuck.

Only you can recognize what got you here.

Only you  can release and let go to step away.

Your life is in your hands.

Your love is what inspires you.

Your joy comes from your choices.

Your peace will emerge from you willingness to do what is true for you.

Choose what is best for you.

Loving and trusting us all to learn and grow.

Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”