Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Flow Around Blocks




I free myself to fully be my Self.

I forgive all that interferes with my joy and love.

I am open and willing to trust and free my true Self.

I love All that I really am.

What Stands In Your Way?

What is interfering with you?

What blocks your freedom?

What causes your distrust?

What can you clear?

What is in the way of you living true to you?

What distracts you from loving and trusting you?

What is holding you back from all your are meant to be?

What keeps you from being free to actualize your Self?

It is time to identify what makes you whole.

It is your time to see where you don't believe in you.

It is up to you to forgive and undo what is not true.

Take this moment to begin to relinquish the fear in your way.

We learn false fears.

We hold onto limiting beliefs.

We make up judgmental barriers.

We allow distractions, delays, disappointments to block us.

Are you willing to forgive them all?

We can simply do the work to let go.

We can erase what is false and untrue.

We can because we want to be free.

Yes, we often do not know what gets in our way.

If we knew, we might just let them go.

If we understood what stands in our way, we could move around them.

If we were aware of what interferes, we could easily choose again.

Use forgiveness and affirmations!

I forgive my fear.

I forgive false beliefs.

I forgive what interferes.

I forgive what I judge to be true.

I forgive the fear I cause myself.

I forgive what holds me back from being all I am meant to be.

I am willing to let go of distractions, delays, detours, disappointments and despair.

I am willing to trust myself and free myself to fully love me as I truly am.

It is my time to relinquish what is not mine.

I release and let go and let love run my life.

Are you willing to let nothing stand in your way?

You have a right to be free and unlimited!

You can enjoy the gift of life without fear.

You are created to live in love for the sake of loving.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue