Thursday, August 10, 2023

What Do You Want?





I focus only on what I want to be.

I want to be happy and choose it so.

I want to share Love with all and share this Love.

I want to remember to love only Love, and I do.

What Do You Want?

Prayers for safety and peace for people all over the world.

Write a list of 20 wants, easily and quickly.

Begin to do this daily and watch the evolution.

Know that your wants guide you to what is true.

Your wants will show you what to choose.

Do you know what you prefer?

Are you open to allowing “Wants”?

Do you pay attention to your heart’s desire?

Do allow yourself to openly and freely want?

Wants are qualities of being fully alive everyday.

These are values you hold dear.

They expose your own inner calling.

They open your hopes, faith and charity.

We can claim what is ours to have.

We can allow what we most enjoy.

We can create what is ours to have.

We can, because we dare to fully love ourselves.

What will be will be, when we allow it to be.

It serves us to have what we want.

It brings happiness when we choose what we want.

It gives us a feeling of Self Love and caring to want what is best for us.

What is best for us is best for others.

When we are happy, we are promoting happiness.

When we are fulfilled, we feel free to be generous with others.

When we give ourselves the best we know, we feel blessed.

What inspires you is looking forward to what brings you joy.

What keeps you fully alive and engaged in life is allowing yourself to want.

When you listen to your “wants”, you feel inspired to give to yourself.

When you are loving and giving to yourself, others are more inspired to give to you.

Stop denying yourself joy.

Stop taking away your right to have what you desire.

Stop pretending your don’t care, when you really do.

Stop trying to martyr by not asking for what you want.

Begin visioning, affirming, choosing, allowing and accepting what you really want.

Begin today to go for your heart’s desire and eliminate all the obstacles and excuses to withhold Goodness.

Give yourself permission to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Be appreciative and generous with yourself and show others how to be happy too.

Loving you as I encourage us all to do what is best for ourselves.

Betty Lue

Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.