Thursday, August 03, 2023

Turn Around!





I seek to see the love in all things.

I give love when I seem myself lacking in love.

I am willing to see things differently.

I affirm the love in me to see the love in you.

Turn Around.

Stop barking up the wrong tree.

If you want to see, look in another direction.

Stop trying to make the round peg fit in the square hole.

When it doesn’t work, it isn’t working.

Are you spending your energy trying too hard?

Are you wasting your time and money on getting what you want?

Are you doing everything you can to get someone to love you?

Do you love too much thinking they will love you back?

Many believe sacrifice is the key to success.

Some teach “just try harder.”

You may believe that giving more will get you more.

Why not simply turn around your thinking, speaking and behaving?

There is a prevalent belief that you can “get” what you want.

Then women (especially) get depressed when they don’t “get” it.

We need to learn that “getting” what you want comes from giving what you have.

First give your best to you.

When you affirm yourself, you learn to love.

When you believe in yourself, you learn to trust.

When you do what you want, you learn to free yourself.

When you are full of love, you learn you can share what you have without losing.

When you give without giving away anything, you realize you are in the flow of loving kindness.

When you allow yourself to receive what you give, you recognize how unlimited you are.

When you appreciate what you have and give, you understand that love is "for giving".

And when you are giving your love, you experience the gift you really are.

Give to those who appreciate your giving.

Share with those who value your sharing.

Enjoy those who value you and enjoy you.

Respect and appreciate those who respect and appreciate you.

It is time we remember to celebrate those who love and give.

It is wise to practice attracting those who love to give.

It recycles the best in us when we appreciate those who give us their best.

We in turn will be inspired to give even more to continue the circle of love.

It seems like people have learned to fear loving for goodness sake.

Some feel guilty when they stop trying so hard and to fix things.

When you give because you love, you will feel fully satisfied.

When you love because you love, you will feel fulfilled.

Love for Goodness sake simply for the joy of loving.

Look deeper inside see what you heart says.

Give for the joy of giving.

Live for the gift of loving.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue