Monday, August 07, 2023






When words hurt, I turn them into blessings.

I am responsible for what I think and feel.

I learn what to forgive and what to remember.

I am responsible for what I experience.

Blessings Given and Received

Some remember the past.

Some plan for the future.

Some stay with what is.

And we all have choice!

Focus on the Blessings.

We are always giving.

We are always receiving.

We can choose what we desire.

What serves you most?

Right now focus on the blessings of the past.

Right now plan for giving blessings in the future.

Right now enjoy the blessings you have today.

Blessings are what gives us life.

Blessings inspire and teach us.

Blessings fill us up with love.

Blessings heal and create in us.

You are the blessing in your life.

Remember what you have chosen.

Remember what you have learned.

Remember what sustains you. 

The sun, the sky, the sea can inspire you.

The earth and all its fruits sustain you.

The sounds you hear keep you singing.

The sights of beauty are gifts given to you.

Taking time to care is a blessing.

Willingness to share is your blessing.

Learn to live to the fullest everyday.

Allow hurts to heal and harsh words to dissolve.

Forgive what you don't want to linger.

Undo what you know is not true.

Erase the face of disaster and trauma.

Open to gratitude for healing.

Be the blessing you are.

Give up the ghosts of the past.

Clear away thoughts of fear and choose love.

Recognize all for the blessing they give.

Learn and let go.

Live letting love show.

Loving us for being blessed right now.

Betty Lue

Every Loving Reminder is a prayer of Love for all Humanity.

Thank for joining with me as you read and reflect on them.

Every affirmation you acknowledge is a prayer.

Thank you for seeing the power of Positive thought.

Every time you trust with affirming thoughts, you are sending your prayer.

Thank you for believing!